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Use the Trade Lead to submit and distribute trade requests directly to the relevant suppliers, completely free of charge. Your request will be accesible on our Trade Board, and will after approval, be distributed directly to Norwegian companies. Requests can be submitted for trade, cooperation, tenders and information.

Companies (from all over the world) can submit trade requests selecting specific industry sectors and companies of their choice.

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Industry Sector
Created Header Country Sector
01-12-2016 UK kitchenware manufacturer United Kingdom Giftware
25-11-2016 Garlic India Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
22-11-2016 Import India Agriculture & Forestry
16-11-2016 Rugs Jordan Furniture & Interior Design
15-11-2016 Nuts and oil India Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
12-11-2016 Handicrafts Jordan Furniture & Interior Design
11-11-2016 Cooperation Spain and Norwegian Spain Clothing,Textiles & Jewellery
10-11-2016 High-quality furniture Poland Furniture & Interior Design
08-11-2016 Looking for distributor of Rx, OTC and FS Poland Health Care
07-11-2016 Cast Iron Valves Italy Metal, Stone & Mineral Product
04-11-2016 100% natural beeswax candles Lithuania Furniture & Interior Design
03-11-2016 Beans and fruit Kenya Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
03-11-2016 Herbal Medicines Lithuania Chemicals & Petrochemicals
02-11-2016 Oranges, Greece Greece Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
02-11-2016 Sesame seeds- spices India Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
01-11-2016 Avocado oil Kenya Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
28-10-2016 Orthopaedic appliances Lithuania Health Care
28-10-2016 Salmon Qatar Seafood
26-10-2016 Avocado Kenya Food & Beverage (not Seafood)
13-10-2016 Bathroom furniture Poland Furniture & Interior Design