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Uni Research Polytec AS

Address: Sørhauggata 128, 5527 HAUGESUND
Phone: +47 52700470
Web: www.polytec.no

Rough Conditions - Reliable Answers!


Polytec is an independent research foundation located in Haugesund on the west coast of Norway. It was founded with the vision of creating significant values for the regional industry within the fields of energy, environment, gas technology and safety. The institute has more than 20 years of experience in innovation, research and development.


Polytec has excellent technological expertise in the following strategic areas:

•    MetOcean

•    Process

•    Energy

•    Instrumentation and signalling processing

•    CFD simulations

•    Pipeline transportation

•    Risk management and technical safety

•    Maritime ICT


These areas are Polytec’s main assets available for its customers and partners. The institute’s deliverables are reports, documentation, project management and simulations.



Polytec has established a very strong network over the years. Through framework agreements with Statoil and Gassco, Polytec has developed a world leading expertise within the fields of metocean and pipeline transportation.

Collaboration with the research environments in both national and international has also helped develop Polytec’s competence.



•    Independent R&D institute

•    Originated in 1988

•    55 employees