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Ocean Products Sales AS

Address: Sjøvikvegen 55, 6475 MIDSUND
Phone: 004798811128
Web: www.oceanproducts.no

Specialists in pelagic production


M 227 Ocean Products is an Norwegian independent fish factory, specialized in pelagic production, located in Sjøvik, Midsund.

Ocean Products

The factory was founded in 1928 and it has a long and proud history. In the old days it used to produce dried, salted codfish that was exported to bacalao consumers in Southern Europe and South-America.

In 1993 the factory was rebuilt into pelagic production, mainly herring, mackerel and capelin, and later saithe.


Since it’s a new production company, “Ocean Products” continues the tradition of producing herring, mackerel, capelin, saithe and other seafood at the plant, and welcomes fishing vessels from near and far away to deliver their catches here.


Nowadays, the number of independent pelagic producers in Norway declines every year and we are delighted that the fishing fleet can still come to our plant and deliver its fresh fish at reasonable prices for the benefit of our buyers in Norway and abroad.



The main markets for the production of the factory are European Union, Eastern Europe, Asia, Russia and Africa.


The factory is HACCP accredited, has export permits to Vietnam and China as well as being a member of NORGE (Norwegian Seafood Council). 




  • Siathe
  • Mackerel
  • Herring
  • Horse Mackerel
  • Silver Smelt
  • Capelin
  • Blue Whiting