Norner AS

Address: Asdalstrand 291, 3962 STATHELLE
Phone: +47 35578000


Norner AS is an independent plastics institute and laboratory with outstanding industrial experience. The company engages in the development of new products and material recipes, product harmonization, process improvements, quality assurance, trouble shooting, claim investigations and laboratory testing. Norner’s staff includes more than 60 material technologists and polymer chemists working in modern laboratories. These include advanced test facilities and process pilots, fully ISO 9001 approved. 



Norner’s projects include:                  

•   Product development

•   Material qualification

•   Technological studies

•   Performance verification

•   Testing assignments  

•   Packaging development                          

Norner’s expertise covers:                 

•   Material selection

•   Industrial needs

•   Process technology

•   Plastics technology

•   Trouble shooting

•   Polymers and catalysts



Industries Served


Norner serves the following industries:        

•   Offshore solution providers

•   Petrochemical industry

•   Additive producers

•   Pipe and fittings

•   Automotive parts

•   Packaging industry

Norner’s facilities include:

•   Plastics processing centre

•   Component and product test facilities

•   Material and analytical test centre

•   Chemical and polymer analytics

•   Process pilots and simulation

•   NORSOK test centre




Technology Centre

The technology centre of Norner has been an internationally recognized provider of plastics developments since its opening in the late 1970s. Norner became independent in 2007. The company is an industrial commercial institute for the plastics and packaging value chains. It has built 90% of its expertise from its industry experiences.


Using the latest technology in its 4,000 square metre, state-of-the-art facility, Norner believes innovation is about turning research and development into business. Norner develops polymers with carbon dioxide as a raw material and eliminates smells from recycled plastic materials. The company’s high level of competence will be used to develop and facilitate technical advancement in the offshore industry. Norner is both a development partner as well as a third-party testing institute for its key customer segments.