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Jotne Industrier AS

Address: Grenseveien 107, 0663 OSLO
Phone: +47 23171500
Web: www.jotne.no

Engineering and fabrication in the Oil & Gas industry



Jotne is a privetly held investment company with a portfolio consisting of companies in the oil/gas and mechanical industry.


Jotne’s main areas include:



Processing units:

With over 30 years of experience Jotne has established themselves as a highly experienced supplier of process units and related equipment to the oil and gas industry.



Subsea units:

Jotne personnel have extensive experience in engineering and fabrication of subsea structures, piping systems and associated equipment for subsea production systems.



Mechanical systems:

Jotne’s experts have previously undertaken a wide range of projects, anything from conceptual design to complete turnkey projects including procurements, fabrication and installation


Jotne AS


Fabrication and yards:

Jotne owns a wide range of production facilities, including assembly and testing facilities, dock and certified deepwater quays, mechanical workshops and heavy lifting equipment for loading. They also supply mechanical equipment, pipe welding, steel structures, plant, tanks, heat exchangers and processing packages to traditional land-based industries as well as the oil and gas industry.




Jotne’s main field of expertise within engineering and design are technologies related to processing units, subsea units and mechanical systems. Their experts have experience from mechanical and structural engineering, electrical and instrumentation engineering amongst other areas.




Jotne operate a range of companies delivering systems, expertise and projects within the transport/rolling stock sector and building and construction.


For more information about Jotne and their projects, please visit their website.