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Foreningen Norwegian Renewable Energy Partners - Intpow

Address: Hoffsveien 23, 0275 OSLO
Phone: +47 21011290
Web: intpow.com

INTPOW – the Norwegian renewable energy partners


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Norwegian Renewable Energy Partners - INTPOW is a highly effective vehicle for promoting Norwegian renewable energy capabilities to key clients in overseas markets and providing market information to its partners. With its vast network throughout the entire value chain it connects suppliers with clients. INTPOW is a public-private partnership between the energy sector and the Norwegian Government. It is a network-based organization where the partners exchange experiences and knowledge on market developments internationally. The Norwegian Government actively supports INTPOW’s initiatives, and the activities are financed jointly by the industry and the government.


INTPOW aims to strengthen long-term value creation and employment in the Norwegian renewable energy industry through partnering and international expansion facilitation. The organization is currently working with partners that have interests in hydropower, offshore wind and solar PV as well as power systems.  Many companies find it useful to join  INTPOW when they decide to focus on international markets.


INTPOW assists its partners’ international expansion by creating a platform for:


Market Information & Advice

  • Access to updated market information on international projects through local advisors
  • Tailor-made advice on strategies based on strong understanding of specific markets and companies


Government Relations

  • Direct access to political influencers and decision makers in Norway and in international markets



  • INTPOW recognizes the importance of personal contact and provides ample networking opportunities for partners on national, regional and international levels
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Direct access to key industry participants in the renewable energy supply chain
  • Thematic conferences, seminars and meetings