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Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon

Address: Middelthuns gate 27, 0368 OSLO
Phone: +47 23088000
Web: www.nho.no/en

nho – confederation of norwegian enterprise



The NHO - Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise - is the main business and employers organization in Norway with a current membership of 20,000 companies ranging from small family-owned businesses to multinational enterprises. A half million people work in those companies.


In addition to the central organization in Oslo, which has cross sectoral responsibility for members’ interests, members also belong to one of 20 nationwide sectoral federations and one of 15 regional associations. The sectoral associations represent branch-related interests while the regional associations offer a local point of contact between companies and authorities. 

NHO policies and priorities are decided by an executive council made up of 46 elected representatives from member companies. A ten member NHO Board chaired by the President makes decisions on policy issues with delegated authority from the executive council.  A Director General is responsible for day-to-day operations in the administration. 


NHO’s Mission

Our mission is to work in the best interests of our member companies in a way that also benefits society. Profitable companies create jobs and economic growth and contribute to the financing of the public sector and the welfare.


Norway is heavily dependent on open trade and an open investment climate. Foreign direct investments play an important role in maintaining Norway’s competitive edge and create the needed dynamism in the private sector.


Our main tasks are:

  • Pursuing business friendly policies and framework conditions that promotes  sustainable growth and the development of a competitive business sector
  • Collective bargaining with the trade unions
  • Providing services and advising member companies on a wide range of issues