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Marine Technologies Llc

Address: Hovlandsveien 44, 4374 EGERSUND
Phone: +47 51461866
Web: www.marine-technologies.com

Ibs & dp systems, communication


Aft bridge with DP 2 on ECO’s Andrea Chouest.

Marine Technologies LLC (MT) was established in 2002 in order to develop control systems, primarily Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems for offshore vessels, based on the latest technologies available on the market. This was later developed further to include Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS) and Thruster Control Systems (TCS) as well.

Today MT produces and delivers type-approved DP systems of all IMO classes, as well as less complex DP and joystick solutions. Furthermore, by utilizing the core competences of the company’s staff, MT now produces Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS) fully compliant with IMO regulations and appurtenant standards (e.g. IEC, ISO). The DNV Type Approval of the Bridge Mate™ IBS to NAUT-AW, the most comprehensive bridge class notation in the industry today, stands as a proof of MT’s commitment to quality and performance.
To avoid the space craving thruster and propulsion control panels found on most vessels, MT has developed its own Thruster Control System, which can be operated from any of the Multi-function Workstations (MFW) on the bridge.

2. Transit bridge on Geowave Voyager.