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NORSAR is an internationally recognized, independent, not-for-profit, research foundation within the field of geo-science providing advanced, innovative products and solutions to customers in the public and private sectors.


NORSAR's objectives are as follows:

  • To conduct research and development in the areas of geophysics and geophysical software
  • To promote the application of research results for the benefit of the Norwegian society and Norwegian industry
  • To establish and further develop the professional competence of its staff within its areas of activity
  • To act as a Norwegian national resource center for verifying compliance with the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT)


NORSAR has its headquarters at Kjeller, North- East of Oslo, Norway. NORSAR's field installations are situated in Hedmark (southern Norway), Finnmark (northern Norway) and on the islands of Spitsbergen and Jan Mayen. A field maintenance section is located at Hamar. At the end of 2011, NORSAR had 46 employees of which approximately 65% are scientific personnel. The wholly owned subsidiary NORSAR Innovation AS is performing the major part of its activity out of a location in Bergen, Norway.


NORSAR's research activities are focused on four main areas:


Nuclear Test Monitoring

Since its establishment in 1968, NORSAR has conducted research and development within nuclear test monitoring by  seismic array technology. A key element in this activity is the operation of advanced seismic installations on mainland Norway, Spitsbergen and Jan Mayen. NORSAR is designated as the National Data Centre (NDC) of Norway for the technical tasks relating to the CTBT.



Seismology for society is an appropriate designation of NORSAR’s activities in earthquake risk R&D, which are supported by national as well as international organizations. These activities focus on strength and safety issues for civil and industrial installations exposed to earthquake loading.



Seismic modelling

Seisrox Cube

Seismic modelling methods developed by NORSAR provide value-added services to oil companies, seismic contractors and consultant companies. A software product oriented R&D philosophy ensures short time to market for the results from NORSAR petroleum research activities. Software for seismic modelling and imaging, known under brand names as NORSAR-2DNORSAR-3D and SeisRoX (including VelRock), is made commercial, marketed and sold worldwide by NORSAR’s wholly owned subsidiary NORSAR Innovation AS.





Microseismic Research and Services

Since 2000, NORSAR has been engaged in research and development of advanced software solutions for microseismic data analysis and interpretation. Over the years NORSAR has been leading numerous research projects and consultancy studies.


At NORSAR we pride ourselves on the level of support offered to our customers. We value client feedback as a vital ingredient for the continued improvement and evolution of the soft- ware, therefore, software support is an integral aspect of the software package we offer to our customers. The maintenance service includes telephone support, on-line support, software updates, and new releases as they become available.


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