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Semcon Devotek AS

Address: Dyrmyrgata 47, 3611 KONGSBERG
Phone: +47 90770400
Web: www.semcon.com

Systems engineering & product development


Semcon Devotek develops future technologies and products, for creating new business opportunities. Customers’ demands for expertise, innovation, ability to supply and market adaptation, encourages Semcon to constantly be at the cutting edge in terms of technology and product development.

Semcon Devotek is a part of the Semcon Group witch is a global company active in the areas of engineering services and product information with specialist teams that meet our customers’ requirements. The Group has sites at more than 45 locations on three continents with around 3,000 engineers who have extensive experience from many different development-intense sectors. 

Devotek is an independent product development house. Their multi disiplinary experts can help you with your existing products or assist you in all phases from opportunity recognition through ideation to industrialised products.


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High Level of Expertise


For today’s more complex and integrated products, a high level of expertise is required within a number of areas in order for development to be successful. For many companies, it is not always possible to have all of this capacity and know-how amongst their employees simply because there are not enough projects to keep them all busy. Often, development projects are staffed with hired resources or internal capacity which may not have the optimal expertise. The key to successful product development is thoroughness at every stage. Through consultation and product development Semcon Devotek’s highly qualified engineers and technology will contribute to the task with tackling the development needs of its clients.

Technology Areas

Semcon Devotek has more than 100 specialists which cover all of the main technology areas which are necessary for developing a good idea further in a structured development process. This process goes from requirement specification breakdown through concept studies to a complete product. Creativity and flexibility is the company’s strength. It makes it so that Semcon Devotek is able to meet its customers’ challenges and create technological solutions for the future.

Large Spectrum of Projects

Semcon Devotek works with most of the largest Norwegian technological companies in addition to many international companies. For example, the company has many ongoing projects within missile technology and weapon stations for KDA, subsea control systems for Aker Solutions and FMC, deck machinery and propulsion systems for Rolls Royce, helicopter transmissions for SAAB, complete 8x8 vehicle drive lines and controllers for BAE Systems, special safety actuators for Audi and BMW and geothermal energy systems for Kongsberg Innovasjon, to mention a few.


With its head office in Kongsberg, one of the technological capitals of Norway, Devotek’s cross-disciplinary expertise has enabled the successful development of solutions for a wide range of industrial environments – from the ocean floor to outer space.

As partner with Devotek, customers can call upon experts in the fields of:


  • Systems engineering
  • Mechanical development
  • Numerical analysis
  • Embedded development
  • Control systems
  • Software development
  • Electronic design
  • Manufacturing
  • Testing

Theory, practice, systematic and thorough testing and analysis combine to support customers’ technological platforms and to deliver technical solutions to fulfil the most demanding requirements.