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Seaborn AS

Address: Sandviksbodene 66, 5035 BERGEN
Phone: +47 55334050
Web: www.seaborn.no

Fresh Salmon and Trout from Norway

seabornSeaborn has a unique position as a sales organization for Norwegian fish farmers, guaranteeing the best quality fresh salmon and fjord trout all year round. The company is headquartered in Bergen with 26 full- time employees and a sales office in Sweden. The fish farms are located along the west coast of Norway and in the Lofoten area, where the conditions for salmon and trout are optimal. Seaborn is a totally integrated seafood company, supplying Atlantic salmon and salmon trout all over the world.

seaborn Seaborn

Small Family-Owned Companies – Seaborn’s Mark of Distinction

Seaborn was established in 2001 by small and medium-sized family owned companies. The shareholders take great pride in delivering fish of the best possible quality and prioritizing the welfare and growth conditions for the fish.

Value Chain

Seaborn works to ensure that its customers receive the best fish possible. The company is no industry giant nor wishes to be one. Seaborn’s personal relationship with its customers guarantees a high level of service and its system for traceability and certificate of quality gives the opportunity to control each link of the value chain. Seaborn is a totally integrated seafood company, ensuring the highest quality of fish to each customer.
Seaborn salmonSeaborn trout

Seaborn’s Products

• Norwegian salmon is a gourmet experience whether it is prepared by oneself or ordered at a restaurant. Seaborn guarantees this through its quality control
• Norwegian fjord trout – The sharp red colour and white marbling in the fish makes the trout both a taste experience and 
a delight for the eye at any well-stocked table. As with salmon, Norwegian fjord trout is sought after by international 
master chefs and in private homes alike
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