Heli-one (norway) AS

Address: Stavanger Lufthavn Sola, 4055 SOLA
Phone: +47 51941400
Web: www.heli-one.ca

Ils, inspection, repair & overhaul, design, lease & survival equipment

For more than 50 years Heli-One has supported helicopters in the most demanding environments on the planet. The company is a division of the world’s largest helicopter group, CHC Helicopter Corporation. Heli-Ones’s total helicopter support means advanced aircraft, greater flexibility, increased aircraft availability and less downtime. Heli-One’s customers include commercial and military operators worldwide. The company employs a staff of highly skilled specialists and engineers in modern, well equipped facilities and is EASA Part-145, ISO9001 and Part 21 DOA/POA approved.
ILS Services
Heli-One offers Integrated Logistic Support services to helicopter operators worldwide. ILS from Heli-One means reduced resource costs, shorter lead-times and increased mission capacities for military and civilian operators.
Turbohaft Engine Repair & Overhaul
Heli-One performs maintenance on more than 200 engines each year. It serves as a GE-approved, full support centre for CT58 and T58 engines for commercial and military operators worldwide, and is also a Turbomeca approved repair and overhaul centre for the Makila engines series.
Airframe Inspection, Repair & Overhaul
Heli-One offers:
• Airframe inspection, repair, overhaul and maintenance
• Comprehensive airframe upgrades and modification programmes
• Engineering support
• Design and Integration
Heli-One’s expertise encompasses all types of customization, retrofits, modernization and conversion upgrades for avionic and mechanical systems.
Dynamic Components
Heli-One’s transmission and rotor head facility is a worldwide approved Eurocopter overhaul and repair centre for AS 332 Dynamic components with full-load test cell capabilities. The company’s dynamic component maintenance engineers process more than 100 components a year.
Components Inspection, Repair & Overhaul
Further services include inspection, repair and overhaul of more than 1000 components for avionics hydraulics, rescue equipment etc.
Heli-One can meet any rotor wing requirement anywhere in the world, offering flexible leasing terms and helicopter support to the highest standards.

Heli-Ones’s total support provides greater flexibility, increased aircraft availability and less downtime.
Heli-One performs major inspections and modifications at its large, modern facilities at Stavanger Airport.