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Hallvard Lerøy AS

Address: Bontelabo 2, 5003 BERGEN
Phone: +47 55213650
Web: www.leroyseafood.com

Market development for seafood products

Hallvard Lerøy AS is a leading exporter of seafood form Norway and is the principal sales company in Lerøy Seafood Group. Lerøy is the world’s second largest producer of Atlantic salmon. 

Pioneer in seafood

Lerøy has been creating tasteful solutions since 1899 and is a pioneer company in seafood. The company vision is “Lerøy in every kitchen” and today Lerøy supply more than 4 million meals of seafood to more than 70 markets worldwide every day.

Hallvard Lerøy maintains a consistent focus on developing markets for fresh and frozen seafood products. The company’s vast selection of seafood products is demanded throughout the world, and Hallvard Lerøy does its utmost to meet the customer’s expectations. Products include Atlantic salmon, fjord trout, cod, saithe, mackerel, herring, shellfish and others.

Hallvard Lerøy AS strives to ensure the fulfillment of high customer standards in every stage of the supply chain.

Lerøy headquarter is located in Bergen, Norway and the global sales network includes sister companies in Sweden, France and Portugal and sales offices in Japan, China and the USA. The company has processing and distribution in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, France, Portugal and Turkey.

Lerøy is a wholly integrated company, carefully following each step in the production from the salmon egg to finished product. We aim to take care of the environment, the fish we produce and all people involved in our business. High quality is ensured by control systems based on HACCP, BRC and ISO 9001. Lerøy is committed to food safety and deliver full traceability on all our 2500 products.



Product Range – Fresh & Frozen

• Lerøy – produced and branded seafood products
• Farmed fish – salmon and trout
• Pelagic fish – mackerel, herring and capelin
• White fish – cod, Greenland halibut, saithe, haddock, monkfish, wolffish, white halibut, ling and tusk



Lerøy Seafood Group has more than 2000 employees and was listed on the Oslo stock exchange in June 2002. In 2014 we exported more than 200 000 tonnes of seafood.


Every 48 minutes we send a truckload of seafood across the border.


Every day we create tasteful solutions worldwide!





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