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Akva Group Asa

Address: Nordlysvegen 4, 4340 BRYNE
Phone: +47 51778500
Web: www.akvagroup.com

Technological solutions for the aquaculture industry

Akva Group ASA

AKVA group is a leading supplier of aquaculture technology worldwide with more than 600 employees.        AKVA group is present in all main markets and it has offices in Norway, Chile, Danmark, Scotland, Iceland, Canada and Turkey. The company holds strong and well-known brand names within aquaculture technology and provides a complete range of  products and solutions such as feed barges, steel cages, plastic cages,           feed systems, nets, net cleaning, underwater lights, feed cameras, environmental sensors, production and process control software, workboats, recirculation systems as well as HDPE piping.


Minimizing Risks


AKVA group is a unique supplier with the capability to offer both cage farming and land based aquaculture operations with complete technical solutions. Being an AKVA group partner for a customer means working with a reliable partner to provide technological solutions, allowing own personnel to focus on biology and production.


AKVA group’s team of professionals focuses on what is essential for the customer’s success in the aquaculture industry.

AKVA group takes on the responsibility for delivering technological solutions with the quality, standards and service level needed to minimize the risk of technical problems, which may lead to production down-time and associated financial losses.


AKVA group will ensure the integration and quality of work by undertaking thorough and detailed planning and pre-project design ofthe customers’ farms. This will enable the customer to focus on biological and financial performance.

Akva group ASA


Increasing Value

Side by Side


A farm owner’s or farm manager’s main concern is to create a safe environment where their investment can grow as fast as possible without adding more cost than necessary. Partnering with AKVA group allows customers to keep their focus on fine tuning operations to increase profitability, while sharing the technical load with people who are experts in achieving technical excellence.



AkvaFlex is a new modular based recirculation solution that easily can be transported and connected in different locations.

Akva Group ASA

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