Selfa Arctic AS

Address: Rødskjær, 9430 SANDTORG
Phone: +47 46973300


Selfa Arctic AS specializes in coastal fishing boats, plants and equipment. The companys primary products are the Selfa coastal fishing boats (CFB). The company builds CFB models from 32 to 40 ft. in length, based on a green innovation strategy for modern, efficient fishing that promotes sustainable resource management. The companys main product is a high speed 11 metre fishing vessel with 13,5m2 cargo hold built to be operated by a single fisherman.

Norwegian Expertise

Selfa Arctics CFB designs are based on the experience of Norways modern coastal fishing fleet. The fibreglass hulls are computer-designed and thoroughly tested in the companys tank to create the best possible balance between operating speed and economy. Built up to 12 m long, the fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly vessels are tailor-made to meet customer needs.  


Global Experience
Selfa Arctics numerous deliveries to other countries have provided the company with extensive knowledge of how to build CFBs that are adapted to local preferences, as well as how to construct moulds and transfer technology for local production.

Craft, Kit & Concept
Selfa Arctic delivers CFB technology in the following forms:

Complete craft, fully tested in the companys indoor basin

Technology transfers, including moulds, designs, manufacturing start-up, and training of personnel for local production
Coastal fishing development strategies