Norway Royal Salmon Asa

Address: Ferjemannsveien 10, 7042 TRONDHEIM
Phone: +47 73924300

Farmed salmon, salmon trout, cod, halibut & mussels

Norway Royal Salmon - Committed by name
Located in Kristiansand and Trondheim, Norway Royal Salmon ASA has merged old family-run companies specializing in salmon farming and sales. The company has been a leading player in the Norwegian salmon industry for many years and is now one of the largest groups of salmon farmers in the world. Norway Royal Salmon is fully integrated from smolt to the market. The company exports and sells salmon, trout and other fish types year-round to 48 countries.

Fresh, Clean Environment

The raw produce is farmed in an ideal environment with unpolluted, cold, clear water. The company has the advantage of obtaining salmon deliveries from farmers along the entire Norwegian coast. It can, therefore, offer top-quality products all year round.

Quality Products

A wide range of salmon products are offered by Norway Royal Salmon, with special emphasis on taste, presentation and quality assurance. The company’s farmers helped to pioneer the international salmon farming industry and are well known for their top-quality salmon and salmon products. The company has expanded its range of products to include new-farmed species such as cod, halibut and mussels.

Norway Royal Salmon leads the way in product development, maintaining its position as one of the world’s leading companies in salmon sales.

Fresh, Frozen & Smoked

Norway Royal Salmon’s line of export products includes:
• Fresh and frozen salmon and salmon trout
• Salmon fillets and portions
• Smoked and marinated salmon 
• Various salmon delicacies
• Fresh and frozen farmed cod, halibut and mussels

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Norway Royal Salmon


Export Markets

Norway Royal Salmon exports its range of salmon products throughout Europe, as well as to the other important world markets, including:

• Russia
• Japan
• China
• Eastern Europe
• Hong Kong
• Israel
• Malaysia
• Mexico
• Singapore
• Taiwan
• United States