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Onmii AS

Phone: +47 21014010
Web: www.onmii.com

Inspiration & Creativity


All women wish for an Onmii

We develop genius solutions for organizing and keeping jewelry and accessories.

Business idea:
Using designers famous world wide, we are presenting ingenius solutions profiling Onmii as one of the strongest brands in the world.




The Problem

Behind every great product lies various promblematic issues. Onmii is, just as all else that is wonderful, an offspring of the conflicting energy to our common frustration; creativity and the will to make things easier in everyday life.

We will now set out on a journey to an everyday morning situation in front of the bathroom mirror. Let us close our eyes. And then, let us open them again, so that we will be able to read the text.

It is early morning. The outfit has been chosen, makeup has been applied, the child is packing its bag and the husband is tying his shoe laces. All that remains is one last detail, a jewel that matches the outfit, a cherry to top the cake.

The drawer in the bedroom holds this jewelry. As does the one in the bathroom and the one in the hallway. Their piles are high, with the jewelry entangled into each other in a way that makes us want to cry. Partnerless earrings and long, really long neckaces seems to be the only content of the drawers. In the middle of a pile we see a piece we have long forgotten existed. This piece may be the perfect jewel for today, for the outfit, for the weather, for our mood. But deep inside (and also on the outside, because it is obvious) that this piece will not leave the pile today, we absolutely have no time for unentangling anything, we have to go to work. The piece is doomed to stay in there for all eternity, or at least a few decades, and never, never be used or even noticed.


The birth of a solution

After several repeats of this everryday tragedy, Gry Wigre, proud jewelry owner and the lady behind the Onmii concept, had had enough. She started experiments with hooks on chicken wire, frames and nails, and not least a day of work of sorting and cleaning of her entire jewelry collection.

What had earlier been messy drawer fill had now become decoration for her walls. Like art, only tidy, sytematic and time saving for later use. Wigre invited her second self, and also the third, fourth and fith for some red wine and a good old marvelling over her new creation.

The friends accepted the genious of the idea, but frowned upon the look of chicken wire on the bathroom wall. Soon experiments were resumed, now with steel plates, alternative frames and whatnot. One patent and several bottles of wine later, the ad was posted:

"We are in sore need of a design for Onmii. It shall have unmatched design and the attributes of chicken wire. "

What a happy ending for the story it is that it was industrial designer Johan Verde who ultimately "found" our Onmii.