Niri AS

Address: Gate 1 234, 6700 MÅLØY
Phone: +47 92422933

Production facilities for land-based salmon farming


Niri AS has developed new technology that allows for the simple and economic operation of land-based salmon farming. As the first company to have achieved this, Niri AS is in the unique position to expand rapidly and obtain a major market share.

Business Strategy

Niri’s business strategy is to own and operate fish farming facilities rather than the selling of parts and equipment, enabling others to farm the fish and gain the profit.

Published Reports

A report published in 2009 by the International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS), Norway, examined the economic potential of Niri’s land-based technology in Poland. The report concluded that it is possible to produce salmon dramatically cheaper at such a facility near to the market.

A complete fish generation has been reared from smolt to final harvesting. Several reports from veterinarians describe the fish as being “like wild salmon”, with a very attractive external appearance.

A New Concept in Modern Fish Production

Niri presents a completely new concept in modern fish production and is based upon three integrated stages that result in huge cost savings impossible to achieve by conventional sea cage farming industry.

Uniquely, each Niri tank is basically a separate unit, where all the water treatment processes of filtering, de-gassing and ammonia control are all integrated into each tank. Hence the water is not taken out of the tank but rather cleansed and re-circulated internally throughout each tank. The energy consumption for pumping water is in fact not more than the energy used for underwater lighting in conventional sea cages (the average of cod and salmon farming).

All Production Stages Integrated at One Site

A Niri facility has all the productions stages integrated at the one site, from smolt to final processed product. As a result, there is no need for any well boat/truck to transport fish between the differing production units, nor any ice, boxes or additional logistical operations. Instead, the fish are moved directly from the grow-out tanks for processing, in a stress-free way and slaughtered rapidly and humanely. These “rested” fish, when in a pre-rigor condition, will have a much better quality than fish from traditional processing.