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The Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO) is a cooperation of operating companies on the Norwegian continental shelf. NOFO is financed by members according to established principles of cost sharing. NOFO’s main objectives are to establish and maintain oil spill emergency preparedness, along with coordinating the dialogue of relevant oil spill contingency issues between members and regulating authorities.
Heavy Offshore Systems
A major element in accomplishing NOFO’s central objectives is the development of heavy offshore systems, each consisting of a high-capacity skimmer and 400 metres of heavy oil booms. These systems are operated by heavy-duty oil recovery (OR)-classed supply vessels, and are located on NOFO’s five bases along the Norwegian coast, as well as on dedicated ships. 
Oil Spill Contingency Regime
On behalf of the operators, NOFO has implemented a risk-based oil spill contingency regime for the Norwegian continental shelf. All pertinent information on NOFO’s Oil Spill Contingency Planning System is available on the Internet
Resource Utilization
In addition to NOFO-owned and operated resources, the association’s guiding principle is achieving optimal utilization of the resources owned by the government or commercial providers – be they local, regional or national. This is carried out through collaboration and agreements. NOFO draws on a range of resources to achieve optimal resource utilization – from offshore tankers and helicopters to local fishing vessels.
Training & Development
An essential component of NOFO’s work is the training of six contingency groups – a total of 36 people – from the member companies. These groups, together with 45 equipment operators, form the core of operations in the case of an emergency. Through a comprehensive programme for training and exercises, oil spill response capability is maintained at a high level. Improvement and development are addressed through extensive R&D efforts focusing on mobility, flexibility, Arctic conditions and shoreline characteristics.
NOFO has been a driving force in the development and implementation of a risk-based oil spill response for producing installations on the Norwegian continental shelf, and will continue to play a leading role in the years to come.