Nofi Tromsø AS

Address: Eidkjosen, 9105 KVALØYA
Phone: +47 77698000

Products & services for the maritime sector

NOFI Tromsø AS is an innovative industrial corporation concerned with the development, manufacture and sale of products and services all over the world, primarily within the maritime sector. Focus on innovation and diversification are important strategies that enables the corporation to offer special competence and quality products within several market areas.

Research & Development

NOFI's goal is to offer new products and services that give our customers unique advantages. R&D is an important part of this process, and the company actively and systematically seeks to acquire new knowledge and expertise. NOFI has presented a number of "New to the world" products and has registered several patents and trademarks.

NOFI has considerable experience in developing products adjusted to maritime environments. The company’s core competency is built on expertise within materials such as rope, net, PE plastic and coated fabric. This forms the basis for a wide variety of products in several business areas.

Business Areas
NOFI initially started up as a supplier of tools and equipment to the trawl and coastal fishery fleet in the early 70ies. Today NOFI also supply the fish farming and aquaculture industry with a wide range of products and services, differing from plastic net cages, to mooring solutions and land-based installations. With a solid expertise within floating constructions in different materials, the company manufactures e.g. floating wharfs and jetties for different purposes. One of NOFI’s main business areas today is oil spill control. The company's oil spill control expertise has been developed over several decades, and the product range covers most aspects of oil spill control. Reaching from ocean, harbor and coast oil booms, to custom-designed oil booms, the ones with the patented Current Buster Technology is the most revolutionary of them all.

Plastic net cages for aquaculture. NOFI Current Buster Technology working in the Mexico Gulf, 2010.

Patented Technology
The Current Buster systems are regarded as the most efficient systems available; they have a unique ability to collect and concentrate oil in waters exposed to current, as well as when towed at high speeds. They are also designed to separate collected oil from water and to retain the oil in the system’s separator. 

This results in a thicker layer of oil that offers great advantages when pumping the collected oil into storage tanks. The systems can be supplied for operation towed conventionally by two vessels, and for single-vessel towing. Today, the systems are used by a number of world leading oil spill contingency organizations.

Customers & Partners
Interdisciplinary expertise and cooperation with customers and other partners continuously provide feedback to enable us to develop new products and solutions.