Knutsen Oas Shipping AS

Address: Smedasundet 40, 5529 HAUGESUND
Phone: +47 52704000

Advanced shipping technology & innovative solutions

Knutsen OAS Shipping AS is a fully integrated ship owning company located in Haugesund on the west coast of Norway. Knutsen OAS Shipping is continuously seeking new areas of expansion to secure and strengthen its position in a very competitive market.

Operation & Technology

At present, Knutsen OAS Shipping is operating within the tanker segment in the following areas:

•  Offshore loading and crude oil transport

•  Products

•  Chemicals

•  Liquefied natural gas (LNG)


Since the mid-1980s, Knutsen OAS Shipping AS has evolved into one of the leading ship owning companies within offshore oil loading. The company has lifted more than 4,000 cargos from offshore loading fields, giving Knutsen OAS Shipping important experience.

The transport of natural gas is another focus area for the company in a segment where the company has ambitions for further expansion.


Technology, Safety & Environment

Knutsen OAS Shipping aims to be a frontrunner in tanker operations. The company has therefore stringent requirements with respect to quality, safety and the environment. In order to fulfil these ambitions and meet charterers’ requirements for advanced shipping services, a focus on technology has been given high priority.

Knutsen VOC Technology – KVOC

KVOC® is a cost-efficient method to limit VOC emissions during loading and transport of volatile cargoes such as crude oil. The VOC prevention system has so far been installed on most of the company’s offshore loading vessels and has proved to limit the VOC emissions between 60 to 80% during loading and transport. Besides reducing air emissions, the KVOC® installation also reduces H2S release from the cargo which has become an increasing challenge, representing a hazard to the environment, the ship itself and to human health.


KBAL® Knutsen Ballast Water Technology

Knutsen OAS Shipping has developed a new innovative technology to be able to meet the future need for ballast water treatment.   The system is scheduled to receive type approval first half of 2012.


The technology is based on a new innovative process that will not require filtering and chemicals to operate. This makes the system unique and environmentally friendly to use.


PNG® – New & Innovative Natural Gas Transport

PNG® (Pressurized Natural Gas) is a new transport solution for marine transport of natural gas. The technology has been developed by Knutsen OAS Shipping in close cooperation with German pipe manufacturer Europipe GMBH and Det Norske Veritas.


It has also passed all the qualification requirements stipulated by the classification society and is now approved as ready for implementation. PNG® will open for new transport alternatives and is particularly suitable for offshore loading for direct  transport to the market.