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Nesk AS

Address: Rosenholm Campus Rosenholmveien 25, 1414 TROLLÅSEN
Phone: +47 22742030
Web: www.nesk.biz

NESK AS specializes in the design of nurse and emergency call systems. With over 35 years of experience, NESK�s engineers have developed the NESK 100 nurse and emergency call system in cooperation with patients, nurses, health care institutions, and an industrial designer. The system is manufactured in Norway by Totenprodukter AS. NESK has installed more than 450 systems in Norway alone and is currently expanding its export activity. The company�s 1998 turnover was NOK 10 million.

NESK 100
The health care industry is focusing increasing attention on improving conditions for patients and nurses. In the future, product adaptability, cost-effectiveness and quality will play a crucial role, as health care institutions look to innovative products and technology to help to create a better environment for patients and personnel alike. The NESK 100 nurse and emergency call system is a high-quality product designed and produced in accordance with NS-EN ISO 9001. The system was developed in cooperation with patients, health care institutions and nurses in order to best accommodate their various needs.

Nurses have a high incidence of occupational injuries. The NESK 100 system was the first in Europe to feature an assistance call function, so nurses can request help with tasks such as heavy lifting, thus reducing the risk of injury. The system features ergonomic panels, easy-to-read displays, and a highly-visible red and yellow, easy-to-grasp call unit for patients. Constructed of individual units, the system is versatile and can be tailored to customer specifications. Additional applications can also be customized.

Safety First
The NESK 100 nurse and emergency call system features integrated addressable fire alarm and assault alarm systems. A wide number of other systems and equipment can also be integrated into the system, including electromedical equipment, refrigeration units, ground detectors, and various alarms such as lift, wireless and burglar alarms. Complete information is distributed to both a central display and displays in each room, so wherever nurses are, they can remain fully informed in the event of a fire or other emergency.

The system is reliable and proven in emergencies, and can even tolerate power surges in connection with stormy weather. The individual units can be pulled out and plugged back in for easy maintenance by hospital personnel.

Demo Kit
NESK has put together a comprehensive demo kit for use worldwide by international distributors. The demo kit features models of all the NESK 100 system�s main units in an easily-transportable case, providing everything distributors need to present the system in the most professional manner possible. The kit also contains extensive documentation.

Export Markets
NESK has a 65 % market share in Norway, and exports its products to Denmark and Sweden. Interested distributors are encouraged to take contact with the company, as it is in the process of entering new export markets.