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Petrell A/S

Address: Olav Tryggvasons gate 40, 7011 TRONDHEIM
Phone: +47 73805500
Web: www.petrell.no

Provider of technology within multi-physics process simulation


Petrell AS is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology for multi-physics simulation. The company offers a wide range of consultancy services based on Brilliant, the company's proprietary integrated CFD and FEM system, and VessFire and the Near Wellbore Simulator.  Petrell also offers consultancy services including design & engineering within fire safety design, technical safety, process safety, third party reviews and verifications. 


Petrell AS is a privately owned company.



  • Technical safety
  • Blowdown/Segment Survivability
  • Fire Integrity and Time to Rupture
  • Gas and Smoke
  • Well and Wellbore
  • System Development and Research




  • VessFire
  • Solid CO2
  • Near Wellbore Simulator









With Brilliant we perform simulation services within time-dependent multi-physics issues as well as development of tailor-made simulation systems.


Brilliant is Petrell's proprietrary integrated CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEM (Finite Element) system


Brilliant is a unique general purpose CFD system with integrated FEM, thermodynamic library and material properties that handles multiple physical models simultaneously, providing accurate simulations of physical phenomena in complex geometry.

Important features include the ability to provide coupled analysis of all relevant physical phenomena within flow, convection and stress – in one simulation, and on the same geometrical model. Because of the modeling flexibility and the ability to accurately analyze numerous phenomena simultaneously, Brilliant constitutes a complete platform for development of numerical laboratories. The broad set of numerical models are combined with an emphasis on usability for solving real engineering problems.


Brilliant is used for simulation of leakages, fires, gas dispersion, flaring, ventilation, flow in porous media, stress analysis and more. It is also used for simulation of jet fire tests of vessels, pipe work and flanges.


Some recent analyses include: 

  • Natural and mechanical ventilation
  • F&G detector layout
  • Fire integrity of structural components
  • Fire integrity and fire protection of compact flanges and ASME flanges.
  • Temperature control of electrical module
  • Gas dispersion and smoke analysis



See www.brilliant-cfd.com for more information.





VessFire is a computer program for the time-dependent non-linear full 3D analysis of thermo-mechanical response during blowdown of process segments and process equipment. Application areas include:


  • Blowdown strategy and blow down systems
  • Fire integrity of process vessels and piping
  • Optimisation of passive fire protection
  • Mach number and momentum calculations
  • Identification of the most unfavourable leakage rate from a fire and blow down point of view



VessFire complies fully with the advanced simulation approach addressed in ISO 23251:2006, regarding depressurisation. ISO 23251:2006 «Pressure-relieving and depressuring systems» (cf Scandpower: «Guidelines for the Protection of Pressurized Systems Exposed to Fire»)


VessFire is validated through tests benchmarking with several process simulations and blowdown analysis tools.                         


See www.vessfire.com for more information.

Near Wellbore Simulator

The Near Wellbore Simulator is a simulation system built upon Brilliant for modelling and analysis of issues related to the zone near the wellbore.

The Near Wellbore Simulator provides seamless integration of flow in the reservoir, in the near wellbore area as well in the production (or injection) liner with rock mechanics and stress analysis, supported by complete thermodynamics and materials library. The simulation system combines CFD and FEM in the same geometrical model.


See http://petrell.no/products/near-wellbore-simulator/ for more information.