Hatteland Display AS

Address: Stokkastrandvegen 87B, 5578 NEDRE VATS
Phone: +47 48142200
Web: www.hatteland-display.com

Leading Provider of Display and Computer Products


Hatteland Display AS is the leading technology provider of specialized display and computer products, delivering high quality, unique and customized solutions to the international maritime and industrial markets. 


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The company represents innovation and quality to the system integrators world wide. Effective quality assurance and investment in sophisticated in-house manufacturing methods and facilities enable us to deliver Type Approved and Mil tested products.

Hatteland Display's customer oriented approach, technical knowledge and dedication to R&D, make them a trusted supplier of approved solutions, which are backed up by a strong service network.



Since the start up in 1989, Hatteland Display has worked with large system integrators in order to develop robust displays/monitors that can stand harsh environments. Their computer production was officially established in 2005, and they opened production facilities in Nedre-Vats, Norway the same year. 


Hatteland has also gradually moved on to the international market. Their German sales office was established in 2002 and one in the United States was opened 2005.




Their Series X product range was launched 2012/2013. The range deploys Multitouch and Multipower technology.


Hatteland Display Series X