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Stiftelsen Handelshøyskolen Bi

Address: Nydalsveien 37, 0484 OSLO
Phone: 06600
Web: www.bi.no

Management school

Increasing international competition and an ever-changing environment are imposing new demands on the leaders of tomorrow. Industry is dependent on employees who have the ability and desire to change. The BI Norwegian School of Management (BI) believes that companies encouraging and supporting their employees to grow have a competitive advantage. The result is future-oriented and adaptable employees, who are hungry for new challenges and can contribute to a company’s future success and in turn attract other excellent managers

BI is a business school, whose mission is to create research-based, life-long learning both nationally and internationally in close interaction with students, international partner institutions, industry and the public sector. In addition to having one of Europe’s largest scientific environments, BI is proud to have very close ties to the private business community. This allows BI the opportunity to offer programmes of real relevance not only for the individual employee but also for the company. With life-long learning at its core, BI offers educational programmes adapted to the various phases of life.

BI offers a strong executive portfolio; Master of Management, Executive MBA in General Management, BI-Fudan MBA, Executive MBA in Energy Management, Executive MBA in Shipping, Offshore and Finance and an Executive Masters in Energy Management. These programmes focus on group dynamics and experience sharing, adding real value to the pure academic approach.