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Oshaug Metall AS

Address: Grandfjæra 20, 6415 MOLDE
Phone: +47 71201100
Web: www.oshaug.no

Marine equipment manufacture

Nickel aluminium bronze (NiAl bronze) is one of the world’s most invaluable engineering alloys and is the material of choice for high-performance ship’s propellers. This complex and high-alloy bronze is, technically speaking, one of the most challenging alloys for the foundryman. Oshaug Metall has, over the course of more than 80 years and three generations, cultivated its metallurgical and foundry expertise to an increasingly greater level of refinement in the production of high-integrity NiAl bronze castings. For the customer, the company’s dedication to excellence in the production of this delicate alloy means consistent deliveries of superior propeller components in cast NiAl bronze.

Rolls-Royce’s Global Chief Executive Quality Award – CEQA
Oshaug Metall has been awarded first runner-up in Rolls-Royce’s global “Chief Executive Award”. The company’s project was amongst 47 other competing Rolls-Royce projects for outstanding improvement of the material qualities of propeller blades. Oshaug was the only one that worked on the developmental quality of the casting processes for the propeller blades to the new English T-45 destroyers in the Daring class.

Oshaug Metall has named the cast
NiAl bronze components Copperstorm®,
as a reflection of their reliability even in the most severe of sailing conditions.

As a full service provider, Oshaug Metall proudly counts among its customers every major propeller manufacturer in Scandinavia. A seamless, integrated 3D CAD/CAM caters to the handling of customer geometries – from optimized methods design to pattern manufacture in its state-of-the-art 5-axe milling machine, to CNC machining and coordinate measurements in the company’s granite-based CMM – hereby ensuring the highest level of consistency and accuracy throughout the manufacturing process.

Casting Solutions
A trusted partner for decades, Oshaug Metall has provided casting solutions for some of the most complex and highly sophisticated propeller components available today. Oshaug Metall has been a partner in both of the EU-based rapid-prototyping projects, Patternless® and Fastcast, and is currently researching new approaches to some of the industry’s prime challenges, such as near-net-shape capability, design and manufacturing flexibility and lead time reduction.
Utilizing some of the latest technology in its production, control and documentation, the company manufactures cast NiAl bronze components with unit weight of up to
three tonnes for propeller systems up
to six metres in diameter.