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Sar AS

Address: Oljevegen 5, 4056 TANANGER
Phone: +47 51944444
Web: www.sargruppen.no


sar as

Looking for complete Waste Chain Management WCM® ? Then SAR AS is the company for you to contact! 

SAR AS offers a whole range of services, here are short cuts to some focus areas:



SAR AS was established in 1987 with the purpose of collecting and receiving hazardous waste. Since then SAR has grown extensively. Developments and experience over the years have earned SAR total waste handling contracts with most major international oil companies operating in Norway, and our business areas in Norway now comprise onshore and offshore activities along the Norwegian coast.


During the last few years we have also turned our head towards the rest of the world. Our international expansion started with the Middle East and India and in 2007 we established offices and operations in India with Kuwait, Dubai, Jordan and Saudi Arabia to follow.


SAR AS is a specialist in Total Waste Management from all Oil & Gas activities such as drill cuttings treatment, OBM slop treatment, oil recovery, crude oil sludge treatment, oil contaminated soil treatment, pit remediation, tank cleaning and oil water treatment.


Our strategy is to offer world wide services to our customers by establishing waste handling and treatment facilities on all required locations world wide.