Autosim AS

Address: Strandvegen 106, 9006 TROMSØ
Phone: +47 77664140

AutoSim “top-of-the-range” simulators


AutoSim has developed an entirely new suite of software named SimWorld, as well as high quality simulator for heavy vehicles based on SimWorld and 6DOF and 3DOF motion systems.

As a company, AutoSim has grown to become the biggest vendor of "top-of-the-range" driving simulators on the European market, and since 2009, the truck simulators have won most open tenders in Europe. Having sold 20 full sclae driving simulators the company still has room to grow and take a larger share of the market in Europe.


The company has delievered driving simulators and simulator software to customers in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, England, France, USA, Korea, Spain, Morocco, Canada, Singapore, India, Lithuania, China, Estonia, Italy and Poland.





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AS 1000 Mid range truck simulator AS 1200 Car Simulator 3DOF

AS 1200 Car Driving Simulator 6DOF