Sotra Fiskeindustri AS

Address: Porsvika 57A, 5381 GLESVÆR
Phone: +47 56327900


Sotra fiskeindustri as


Sotra Fiskeindustri AS is located west of Bergen in the south west of  Norway and recognized under the brand name Sotra Seafood. Their exquisite smoked salmon is renowned around the world for its excellent quality and taste. The company has exported the delicatessen internationally to all major markets for the last 30 years.

A traditional product meets modern production

Sotra Fiskeindustri has meet the challenge of increased demand with a fresh approached and managed to marry the traditional taste with a more modern production line. Extensive research, vast industry experience and sophisticated technology has been brought together to ensure the customer is receiving only the highest quality product.

The company delivers fresh and frozen fillets of both salmon and trout as well as a range of smoked products including cold smoked salmon, hot smoked salmon, marinated and gravlax.

Sotra fiskeindustri as