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Thruster systems

Brunvoll AS

Brunvoll AS has more than 100 years of experience in marine propulsion and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thruster systems. The company has delivered and installed over 6,000 thrusters worldwide to fishing vessels, cruise ships, tugs, offshore support ships and vessels for dynamic positioning.


Complete Thruster System Packages


•    One source – one responsibility

•    Thruster System Packages including control systems, bridge panels, drive motors, starters, hydraulic power units, special arrangements and services

•    Brunvoll provides support for the lifetime of the Thruster Systems

•    Complete Thruster System Packages simplify installation and maintenance


Brunvoll Thruster Control Panels

Brunvoll Thruster Control Panels have an intuitive human machine interface control system. They are designed for easy integration with flexible design of the panels for easy integration.


Brunvoll Electronics Cabinet

The Brunvoll Electronics Cabinet is a user-friendly thruster control system and it has easy access for troubleshooting and adjustments.


Brunvoll Gravity Tank

The Brunvoll Gravity Tank ensures a steady supply of hydraulic fluid to the HPU and thruster gearbox.


Brunvoll’s Compact Hydraulic Power Unit

Brunvoll’s Compact Hydraulic Power Unit is a variable displacement pump which responds to the command signal and delivers the exact amount of oil needed for the propeller pitch movements.


Brunvoll HPU Starter

The Brunvoll HPU Starter has a starter for the HPU motor and interconnections for the HPU.


Brunvoll Electric Motor Starter

The Brunvoll Electric Motor Starter includes the company’s own design provides an elegant and cost effective technical solution. It offers easy access to every component, simplifying the cabling process.