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Brunvoll AS

Address: Strandgata 4-6, 6415 MOLDE
Phone: +47 71219600
Web: www.brunvoll.no

Complete Thruster Solutions


Brunvoll AS



Brunvoll AS is a single-source supplier and takes full responsibility for the whole Thruster System.

Brunvoll provides fully integrated Thruster Solutions complete with:

  • Drive motors
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Control
  • Alarm and monitoring system












Vision: Trusted World Wide


Brunvoll AS is a global and well recognized brand in the maritime industry. They have established strong market positions in their key market segments. Brunvoll’s customers include many of the leaders in design, building, operation or ownership of advanced vessels. They are still constantly striving to reach new enterprises that might find benefits in Brunvoll solutions.


Each system can be optimized to meet the needs of the individual vessel and operation. Brunvoll offers electric and diesel drive systems. They provide service and support for the lifetime of the Thruster System.



Complete Thruster System

Complete Thruster Systems – For any kind of Ship


Brunvoll is your single source supplier and takes full responsibility for the whole thurster package. Each package can be tailor made to meet individual requirements.




The Brunvoll business concept is to design, manufacture, market and service complete Thruster Systems for manoeuvring, positioning and propulsion of advanced vessels.

Their main goal is to generate steady and healthy long-term growth and profitability, based on their business concept.

Brunvoll's efforts to reach this goal will be guided by our policies for Health, Environment and Safety (HES), Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics.