Techex Delivers the First Phase of Comux’s Local TV Project using Nevion IP Technology

UK IPTV specialist Techex has deployed products from leading media transport provider Nevion for the up and coming local TV project in the UK. Techex was commissioned by DTT infrastructure operator Comux to design, commission and support the end-to-end broadcast network for the local TV broadcasting platform.  The first service on the network, Estuary TV, will go live on 26 November 2013.

After extensively testing a range of products from the major vendors in the market, Techex selected Nevion’s TVG450 JPEG 2000 encoders/decoders for video contribution, the TVG425 IP-to-ASI converter for video distribution and the TNS544 for seamless Single Frequency Network (SFN) switching at the transmitter sites. The whole system is controlled and monitored by Nevion’s Connect Management System. Nevion exceeded many of the parameters as specified in the testing programme, whilst the ease of use of the Graphical User Interface, a logical and coherent future upgrade story, and unrivalled industry references made the Nevion solution stand out above others.

The TVG450 JPEG2000 Gateway allows each Local TV studio to cost effectively contribute video over IP to a central Network Operations Centre, whilst ensuring the transmission remains of the highest quality.  Contribution using a JPEG2000 algorithm shall allow Comux to achieve the highest quality of video at the subsequent MPEG2 compression stage, thereby optimising the use of precious DTT bandwidth. The flexible configuration capability of the TVG450, e.g. allowing simultaneous encoder and decoder use, gives Comux and the Local TV licensees many other operational advantages.

The TVG425 was chosen for the task of IP to ASI conversion, in order that the transmitters could be fed with a stable ASI feed. This allowed Comux to select a lower cost IP distribution network than has traditionally been the case, safe in the knowledge that the equipment would be able to cope with high levels of packet loss, jitter and latency typical of IP networks. The TVG 425’s were equipped with ETR 101290 input monitoring

For the SFN sites, TNS544 Seamless TS over IP switch, was deployed in order to maintain perfect network synchronisation, thereby preventing destructive RF interference with other networks.

The TVG425 and TNS544 devices provide Comux with automatic redundancy in order to ensure the signal is on air even if a failure in the distribution network occurs, Nevion’s “IP Diversity” functionality.

Earlier in the year, Comux had also chosen Nevion’s SI Manager devices for deployment across the network. These units allow the smooth integration between local TV stations (using the Comux DTT infrastructure) and the UK’s Freeview service, which uniquely in the world, sees the cross-carriage of Service Information between multiplexes, enabling the on-screen programme guide to present the viewer with a single reference point for all programs. This unified presentation of information enhances the viewer experience and hides complexity. The Nevion solution enables Comux to efficiently implement cross carriage of electronic program guide data in accordance with the UK DMOL Service Information Manager specification.

Chris Romilly, Chief Technical Officer at Comux commented “When it came to assessing the project overall, it became clear that the only way to meet all the requirements and to do it cost-effectively was via IP. We knew the Nevion equipment had a history of performance and reliability from the recent experience of the Digital Switch-Over project in the UK. This, combined with their demonstrable strength in IP video delivery, gave us the confidence that Nevion could offer the quality assurances that Comux is looking for.”

Nick Pywell, managing director of Nevion in the UK said; “With Comux planning to deliver local TV to 12 million homes by mid-2014, they need a flexible solution that’s easy to set up and offers a high level of performance. The merger between T-VIPS and Nevion earlier this year means we can deliver IP transport technology that is renowned in its field and remains the preferred choice of major terrestrial operators around the world.”

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