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Regional initiative for research-based innovation (REGIONSATSING)


The country regional initiative should:

  • Increase creation of value in the business sector through 
research-based innovation.
  • Strengthen research and educational environments as relevant and 
competent partners for industry.
  • Strengthen the relationship between regional and national efforts for 
research-based innovation 
through strategic collaboration between 
	the Research Council and counties

The main objectives are achieved through three pillars:

1. Mobilization of the business community for research-based innovation 2. Lift capacity to strengthen expertise and research services for the 
business community
3. Knowledge and dialogue on regional efforts with research-based innovation

The initiative is continuing efforts to use the whole country's knowledge 
infrastructure and resource base. 
The initiative strengthens the relationship between the regional, national and 
international efforts for research-based innovation. This helps to increase 
value creation, competitiveness and adaptability. It is each region unique 
opportunities and challenges that underlie the regional effort. The main 
target group is companies that innovate based on experience and can 
upgrade their innovation through the use of research and research-based 
methods. The Counties are the Research Council partners in the program
 and responsible for mobilization activities (Pillar 1). 
Counties prioritize efforts based on regional research and development strategies. 
Research and education have key roles within Capacity Lift (Pillar 2). 
Work in Pillar 3 should strengthen counties as community, in cooperation with the 
regional partnerships and strengthen cooperation between the Research 
and counties. 


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