Norwegian R&D data in English

An abridged English version of the 2011 Report on Science and Technology Indicators for Norway has been published, to provide an international audience with the most up-to-date data on Norwegian research and innovation.

Each year the Research Council of Norway draws up a statistics and analysis report (in Norwegian) in collaboration with the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU) and Statistics Norway. The Indicator Report provides offers a valuable framework for viewing Norwegian research and innovation, complete with commentary and analysis.


The report provides an overview of current research and innovation activities in Norway. Statistics are analysed and commented on across sectors and branches of industry.


Abridged version in English

Every two years an abridged English version of the report is published as well, with selected information tailored to an international audience. The relevant figures and tables are published separately on the Indicator report website.


The English version of the report comprises the following chapters: R&D report


1. Norwegian R&D and innovation activities in an international context

2. The Norwegian system of R&D and innovation

3. Regional comparisons of Norwegian R&D and innovation, and contains various relevant fact and focus boxes, figures and tables.


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