Consorte and UMS go into Partnership

Consorte and UMS have signed a strategic partnership to offer comprehensive customer contact solutions.

Consorte and UMS have signed a strategic partnership to offer comprehensive customer contact solutions. The companies will work together to supply solutions for both inbound and outbound communications. The partnership’s first customer will be Haakonsvern naval base.

Consorte and UMS are entering into a strategic partnership to strengthen the service offering aimed at businesses and organisations with a need for full-spectrum customer contact services, specifically the processing of inbound and outbound customer contact by e-mail, SMS, web and fax.  There will also be the option of broadcast messaging to large customer or target groups.
Both companies supply so-called network-based services, which guarantee low costs and flexible and scalable solutions. The aim of the strategic partnership is to meet the need for customer contact solutions without hardware installation on the client’s premises.

Pilot client from the military
Haakonsvern naval base will be the first client to sign an agreement with the partners for broadcast messaging and next-of-kin calls. They will thus be able to call up crews or warn the population in emergencies. It was also important for Haakonsvern to put into place a solution that could manage large volumes of inbound communications from relatives or other concerned parties in the case of incidents or crisis situations.

“We see obvious synergies in working together and offering a wider spectrum of services aimed at customer groups who need to both generate and receive communications.  Consorte and UMS are now positioned to offer complete customer contact solutions seamlessly integrated for clients”, says Guttorm B. Johansen, CEO of Consorte Group ASA.

“We are seeing a huge demand from the public and private sectors for our solutions, and with Consorte we will strengthen our position even further. UMS is established in Denmark and will also be targeting Sweden. Consorte and UMS together will thus be positioned to offer complementary solutions throughout the Nordic region”, according to Kjell Heen, CEO of UMS.

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