Increased interest for Norwegian cod in China

13 Norwegian seafood companies were represented at China Fisheries & Seafood Expo I Qingdao 5th – 7th November. Growing yet again, the exhibition confirmed its position as the largest and most important seafood exhibition in Asia.

The exhibition, with its 1.200 exhibitors from 40 different countries, saw 25.000 visitors over the three days. Sprawling over an extensive 28.000 square meters and eight halls, it has grown thanks to increased interest and intense construction work. Innovation Norway arranged the Norwegian pavilion. Salmon was the headliner here, but other species such as herring, mackerel and white fish were also heavily represented.


- There clearly is a market for all kinds of Norwegian seafood on the Chinese market, says Zhang Jiwu in Innovation Norway Beijing. He also ads that getting to know the Chinese market and its consumers well is vital for sucess in China. For most companies at the Norwegian pavilion, taking part in the exhibition has become an annual event. For others, such as Prestfjord Seafood AS, this was their first time.

- It is important to go out to the markets and meet existing and potentially new customers. The exhibition is a meeting place for the entire Asia-region, and it is important in terms of meeting customers from all of China and the surrounding countries. We believe that there are big opportunities for cod in the Chinese market and in Asia overall, that is why we are here this year, says Johnny L Johansen, CEO of Prestfjord Seafood AS. The Norwegian Seafood Council supports his views and have made cod their main focus in China this year.

The interest in Norwegian suppliers of technology and services is increasing. China, like many other Asian countries, sees the opportunities for sustainable development and modernisation of the fisheries and aquaculture sector.


- It is not easy to enter the Chinese market, which makes in even more important to find the right partners to implement Norwegian solutions, says Zhang Jiwu. Innovation Norway has offices both in Beijing and in Shanghai.


- We would love to assist both Norwegian seafood companies and suppliers to enter the Chinese market. Vi have the resources, network and knowledge, says Knut O. Sørli, CEO for Innovation Norway China.


Innovation Norway, The Royal Norwegian Embassy in China, The Norwegian Research Council and The Norwegian Seafood Council held seminars on seafood and sustainable aquaculture on the opening day of the exhibition in Qingdao. Both Norwegian and Chinese companies showed interest, and a total of 300 people attended the seminars.   



Foto: Edmund Mongstad

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