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Norway - the natural destination

Norway offers great possibilities both for both the individual, adventure-oriented tourist and for the experienced and comfort-seeking business traveller. Look to Norway for your next event or product launch.

Extreme team building
The northern part of Norway is known for its dramatic landscape and pristine nature. The islands of Lofoten and the Svalbard archipelago are on the United Nations World Heritage tentative list. Saltstraumen boasts the world’s strongest maelstrom and record catch for a saithe (a whopping 22.7 kilos). From Arctic safaris to endless golf days under the midnight sun, it’s the perfect backdrop for business travellers seeking new experiences for conferences and kick-offs.


Business conferences & seminars: a handpicked guide to special meetings
Every year since 2002, Innovation Norway has handpicked a handful of the most spectacular course and conference centres in the country. These range from a discreet hideaway at the 14th century farm of Norwegian composer Per Gynt or deep sea fishing in majestic fjords, to wilderness arrangements near the Arctic Circle. They represent a unique getaway for business meetings that set them apart from the usual big city, big hotel experience.


The land of mountains & fjords – Norway’s tranquil business backdrop
The Norway of the twenty-first century is an eclectic, diverse country, a natural pioneer in the maritime and oil industries, culturally unique, and increasingly a haven for cutting-edge technology, design and architecture. Norway’s achievements in these fields, together with high standards of living, transparent business ethics and the relentless pursuit of equality in the work place, have led to its enviable reputation.


Adventures in the north - beyond the arctic circle
As a backdrop to any business meeting or conference, there can be few sights more impressive than those on offer in the far north of Norway. Inside the Arctic Circle, the Midnight Sun illuminates the breathtaking scenery twenty four hours a day, and perhaps you might be fortunate enough to glimpse the aurora borealis, better known as the Northern Lights, painting an eerie and otherworldly picture above distant, snow-topped peaks.


Norway - the major event destination 
There are a number of important factors when choosing a place for a major event, and Norway has proven time and time again that it provides the best in locations, logistics, creativity, infrastructure – and results.


The heart of Scandinavia
Oslo is the green city situated between the mountains and the sea – an idyllic setting found in few other locations in the world. Oslo is Norway’s gateway to Europe, and as the capital of the country, with excellent infrastructure and event venues, the city has successfully hosted congress events with up to 6,000 participants.


The gateway to the fjords of Norway
Bergen is known as one of Europe’s great scenic cities, the “Gateway to the Fjords” of Norway and the Bergen Region; vibrant, scenic, creative and industrious, an ideal location to organize large as well as small meetings, with all the necessary facilities for congresses, conferences and exhibitions.

Bergen is an international congress city, accessible and friendly with 33 hotels with more than 7,800 beds, and every conference facility that one could wish for. The unique and infectious atmosphere of Bergen plays a decisive role in attracting more and more conferences: Bergen really does have something for everyone!

Greater Stavanger - gateway to the world
The Greater Stavanger region has always looked to the sea as a gateway to the world – welcoming visitors from everywhere. As one of the largest and most important business and residential regions in Norway, the region has nearly 300,000 inhabitants in an area with plentiful natural resources, excellent infrastructure; the talented, experienced and friendly people make events a memorable experience for participants.


Trondheim – a way of life
Trondheim is a way of life – the perfect city for congresses and conferences with and ideal balance of hotels, venues and restaurants together with a rich cultural life that includes museums, sports, music events and shows.


The capital of northern Norway
Known widely as the capital of northern Norway, Tromsø offers a wide range of activities and venues set against a backdrop of unequalled spectacular nature. The often-mild climate, friendly local population, majestic mountain ranges, white sandy beaches, endless sun during the summer months and the spectacular Northern Lights during the winter, all make this city of Tromsø unique and the location for your event. 

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