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A Recipe Worth Gold

Here is a description of the winning trout recipe created by Charles Tjessem for the prestigious Bocuse d'Or contest. Taste and composition are of paramount importance and nothing is left to fortune. This is by no means an ordinary recipe - it does after all take a world champion to create it to perfection. Although not  an easy recipe, both hobby gourmets and more advanced chefs may find tips here for the preparation of trout.

gullvinner.jpg (12570 bytes)



Makes 14 portions (12 jury members, 1 for photographing and 1 extra)


Trollfjord Made with Norwegian Fjord Trout


Fillet 2 whole trout and cut away parts of the belly. 

Cut carefully in from the belly and remove the upper layer (this removes the bones effectively)


The fillets should be completely flat, as schnitzels.


hydrotechgr2.jpg (12857 bytes)

Make a brine of 3 dl salt and 3 l water; soak the fillets for about 15 minutes.


Sauté 20 raw scampi (4-5 per fillet of trout) with ground coriander.


Cool down and trim the edges neatly.


Blanch the Japanese radish and Swiss chard.


Place the Swiss chard and Japanese radish onto cling film and brush with lemon zest, lemon timian, and estragon.


Grind a sprinkling of pepper over.


Place the trout and roll of scampi onto the Swiss chard mixture.


hydrotechgr1.jpg (29582 bytes)

Roll the trout around the roll of scampi with the Swiss chard on the outside.


Wrap the cling film together and steam the package for 14 minutes at roughly 70 degrees Celsius.


Once steamed, each roll is then sliced into 4 pieces (enough for 16 persons -

two extra, just in case there should be a culinary mishap).


Place a dab of caviar and a poached quail's egg on top of each piece.


Served with an array of vegetables, this dish impresses the gastronomic elite.

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